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SAR UH-1D German Air Force

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Hey guys an moinsens Robert.

Yes, the 3 headlights are correct. Or are they only 3 in a NDV version? Hm, if you got me there?

I am súcceding in very small steps due to a incredible lack of time.

I managed to join the fusaelage halfes (wow) and started trying to detail the poor dragon kits rotorhead.

I used evrgreens and archer rivets.

The little bit I managed to proceed is as follows...

Hope you all stay with my slowmo....







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It appears that there is a lot of mast work on Hueys going around lately..... NIce details so far.

Your interior is really beautiful. Feels like I am looking at the real thing.


Awesome detailing with the medical equipment! Medevac helicopters always make a great break from the norm in modelling especially with all the extra medical equipment that adds to the detail in the cabin etc.


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Nice work. I see that the instrument board is black in your Huey. Did it come that way? Mine is gray...


All German UH-1D instrument panels are black.... Only the 4 pre-production ones wer fitted with grey dashboards. They have also been painted black after some weeks.

@ kutscha:

Only 2 spotlights!

Keep up the good work!



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Yes I know: proceeding slow,slower, Kutscha....

But proceeding :-)

I joined the fuselage halfes and aded some (little) details not contained in the Dragon´s kit:

-The Winchman Radio Antenna beneath the belly on the RH side below the sliding doors

-the ADF homer

-the windshield wipers upper stop

-the WPS bars on the front edges (also used as handles to clmb on the roof)

- the roof mounting of the rotor brake showing up on the top behind the air vents

- the sliding door stops at the aft parsof the fuselage





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Hi Georg

Brilliant workmanship! I am so glad you added the extra details to the exterior, it makes a huge difference.

I am amazed also that when I post photos of something I have done.........I too often spot a mistake or something that needs fixing or adjusting. Seems to be quite normal..............dont know why.



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Believe it or not, I managed to get some paint on that bird :-)

I had some work covering the glass surfaces with colorstop, especkially the pilot doors windows. the clear parts are to retracted from the outside and have a bad fit. I think I´ll have to scratch some windows and replace them. Bad OOB-parts.



The color-scheme looks a little dark on the pics but actually the german hueys are quite dark painted. the two greens don´t differ too much from each other.

I used a mixture of tamiyas colors

90%xf-1 and 10% german grey xf-63 for the blackgrey parts an as a base color.

xf-13 nato green for the u.s. fs 32079 green tone

and a mixture of appr. 95% xf-58 with 5% xf-4 yellow green for the brighter forest green.

Fits pretty goog with the original ones colors.

The bright frame inside the front6 shield ist actually there. It belongs to the sealing of the front shield and is that much visible in reality too.

Again I realised some parts I didn´t add before painting (where do I have my mind?)

- the taillight, the IFF 2nd antenna and the fluy valve on the tailboom as well as the tie down hooks on the belly as well as the lower cable cutter. ;)

....will be continued...



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