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SAR UH-1D German Air Force

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Hi I did some little scratchbuilding over the easternholidays on the rotor.

But it isn´t the final show of the parts. The actuators, the scissors. The swashplate has to be done completely new and bigger the next days




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Hey guys,

not you think I was giving up on my Huey, no way...

But thx for still being with me and my Anneliese :-))))))

But time available is the point...but who am I telling? :wacko:

I did some little biut more on the rotor system



but this is not done yet.

I also started on the scenery. It wil be a "scramble" scene once done. crew following.

Because I already was lucky to have this nice virtine I had to live with the space given inside it. So the relation between rotordisc and green strip is kind of close concerning obstacle clearance etc.

But I am still thinking about setting up the storage for the heating box on the grass. I´ll see...






Hope you like it so far, comments welcome...

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Beautiful work Georg!!!

As if you dont see enough of them already.................flying them and modelling them. Now thats a real love of a machine! Of course I am only jelous :thumbsup: having an old fix wing!



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thx guys, enough of compliments ;)

the exterior could have been much better I think. For the next one :-)

@ scout: ich weiß aber der kelr im hintergrund ist auch nciht schlecht...oder?

da ist halt ein spiegel in der vitrine, dann sieht man auch die andere seite der huex

@ anthony: mail received, thx sir

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