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Hi folks!

Reading latest issue of AirForces Monthly they mentioned that the mexican E-2C fleet is grounded due to lack of spares. Can anyone confirm this and what are the plans for the future of these aircrafts?



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There was a move afoot last year by the Mexican government to gain NGC/USN FMS support for the aircraft (there is none since they were bought second hand and not through either NGC or the US Gov't and were heavily modified by Israel so they are in an unknown configuration) but I think the price tag squashed that plan and I haven't heard anything recently about it.



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Well, I live in Veracruz, and 2 of 3 of the hawkeyes were suposed to be here, I just saw them flying quite a few times after they received them from Israel. nowadays they are no longer flying, just collecting dust on the ramp of the Las Bajanas Navy Base with the wings folded. this seems to be another case of corruption since those hawkeyes where lying in the desert along with some other planes of the IAF and bring back to life by IAI, of course I dont know the amount of money invested on that proyect, but for shure somebody filled his pockets with that deal, I must say... expensive trash.

Everytime I pass by the base I see those beautiful planes rooting under the scorching sun... what a shame, they could have buy some NEW ERJ-145 AWACS or something else for the same objetive.

still, heres a lot of activity with the Mi-17 that seem to be the workhorses of the Navy along with the Casa C-101 here. Don´t ask me about the Antonovs, they are having the same problem like the E-2´s.


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