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LTTF 1/72 Sikorsky H-19 Chopper

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I have a Kazan EK002A Upgrade Kit-complete and un-started. Also included is a complete ESCI MiG-23 kit. Ship to anywhere in the continental US priority with insurance for $150.



Please respond to my email directly:vissol@ix.netcom.com

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I'm mostly interested in cold war era (or modern) soviet jet figthers in 1\48 scale, and multi-engined soviet bombers/patrol craft/flying boats/etc. in 1/72 scale (Tupolevs, Myasischevs, Antonovs, Yaks, etc.).

Topping my list:


Hobby Boss 1/48 Su-34
Victoria Products (VP) Canada 1/48 Yak-25 flashlight (Vacuform)
Collect Aire 1/48 Yak-25 flashlight (Resin)

My second Passion is 1/72 scale multi-engined flying boats/seaplanes/amphibians, any nation, pre-ww2, ww2, or modern (resin/injected plastic/vacuform)

Topping my list:


Planet 1/72 - Yokosuka H5Y 'Cherry'(resin)
O'Neill Vacuforms 1/72 - Yokosuka H5Y Cherry
Extra-Tech 1/72 He-115 Photo etch

Got detail sets (resin, P-etch, etc), or decal sets for any of my wants listed ? They're also fair game!

Let me know, it never hurts to ask.


Thanks for looking.

Ernie A.

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