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Vietnam Cop Car Complete!

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Hobbyboss kit and it's a blast! Lots of left over parts,not sure why, but they're in the spares box. Fit was pretty good,the vision blocks fit very well. Very few issue in the build,some ill fits,unclear instructions but nothing we can't handle! Anyway,first ever model totally airbrushed and like I was told I'd say; "Why didn't I get an airbrush sooner!?" The vision blocks are Future with green food coloring added for the tint. Comments welcomed!







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I think another option for 11 ACR is M48A3s. The Tamiya kit says so, and includes decals for such. Not a bad kit, and while a bit old builds up nice. I think the Tank Commander in that kit is usable, too.

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Sorry, but Liberator24 is out at the moment...

He is shopping for a bomb-shelter, with King James Version, well, in hand....

Said something about Fortress airbrushing can only mean ARMEGEDDON!

We are all gonna burst into flames...oh, no, that's just the flames from Disney this week....

Never mind! Airbrush on!


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It sounds like 11 ACR gradually adopted M551s to replace ACAVs, although I am unclear on the timing and sequence of the TOE changes. Years ago I mulled the possibility of a diorama with an M48 and an ACAV in Michelin Plantation, the giant rubber-tree district that at some point 11 CAV fought in. Could be eye-catching terrain for a diorama. Never built it, though. A good source on cav in Vietnam is available courtesy of your tax dollars, and the good folks at US Army/Center for Military History.

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It looks good, man. You know if you take off the turret, givet it a scallop paint job and keep the military markings covered, you could do one from the movie "Freejack". I used toknow someone on the Spacecoast who had his two V-100s used in that movie.

Hey Flying.........,let me know if you ever get down here to the shadow of the mouse.

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According to my friend, they also found somebody with a Air Force M-706. In one scene at night he almost ran over Emelio Estivez because he was blinded by a combination of the dark, looking through the vision blocks, and the secialeffects of richochettes.

Here's a unusual picture you might be interested in. We got in a kit or two but they rarely used them except for the heavy monsoon storms.


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Right now I'm converting one over to the Air Force Security Police M-706E. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist, but I drove these things along with 113s during the war.

The reason you had so many parts left over is that they have parts for the other versions they made included. They put in a newer model M-60, a E3 I think, different hatches and parts I can't identify but think might be for the big gun turret version. If you look at the instruction sheet dealing eith the interior you can see where they clearly have imprinted into the floor the fact it's a V-150.

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They drove fairly well considering everything we were carrying, a 13 man reaction team with a whole bunch of ammo and other things.

It just took a little getting used to its handling and capabilities:


On my second tour we had an off-base area that the aircraft would try to drop their hung weapons. This had to be checked out now and then and our guys found out that if they pulled the governor they could get up to almost 80 miles an hour. Deffinately not recommended if you are going down hill with a turn coming up.

Since most of the time we used locals as the majority of the team there was mostly room for everything and everybody. If we tried to cram 12 full size G.I.s in there it could get a bit tight.

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