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Okay it is this simple lets vote for our favorite Tomcat scheme ever before they pull the plug on this one.

I am going to have to think long and hard on my choice. There several I like that for this one!

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I have 3.

VF-103's 2002 show bird. I'm good friends with the CDR Williams so that's a given. Photo by Cpt Potts via CDR Williams


VF-103's lines jets from final tomcat cruise, more specifically Victory 110. Photo by VF-Decals/Dan Teker


VF-101's Gunfighter 155.

(This is not my pic. It was forwarded to me about 3 years ago, so I can't properly credit the photographer)


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VF-142 Gray over white, as in the original boxing of the 1/48 Monogram F-14A.

Thats the one I am doing now. Only in pre markings to that, when still AJ before the switch of airwing in 1974 or 75.

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VF-2 High Viz, gray over white and all gray. :rolleyes:

VF-114 Ardbacks High Viz, gray over white and all gray.I love this scheme but the decals are the problem. :jaw-dropping:



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VF-101's Gunfighter 155.

That's mine, right there. :D The lo-viz reaper on the tail just fits the bird perfectly. Plus it's the last Tomcat I ever saw fly.



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I'm going to go with lo-vis VF-2 from Desert Storm when they were assigned to the Ranger. They still looked "colorful", just in gray. A close second is the scheme I'm trying to get done before the end of June. VF-33 went lo-vis but with full markings right before they were disestablished. They had black tails with a gray lightning bolt/star and a black outlined lightning bolt on the forward fuselage. To my knowledge, no has done this scheme before in decal form. It's a cool scheme, too.

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Ya know, after some deep thought on the subject, I have to say VF-111 in full color. I thought about VF-84 Jolly Rogers ala "The Final Countdown" and VF-41 from the Gulf of Sidra Incident (see my son's recent build) but my heart really likes the sunburst of VF-111.

There's my vote!


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this really is a difficult question.

i know ive posted this everywhere. but ill choose the blue flanker jet over the Victory 103 black/yellow ONLY because its been done once? twice?

and i just want to post a pic of my tamiya jet one more time lol.


so, this is my list.

1st -Blue Flanker Topgun 30/NSAWC 10

2nd -VF-103 Victory 103

3rd -Ferris VX-4/VF-124 not sure what years it was


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