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Hasegawa 1/48 F-14D "CVW-14" PT-12:

-Many parts have been carefully removed from sprues and the wings are assembled in the flaps up configuration

-Fightertown Decals VX-9 "Vandy Vampires" sheet 48-004

-Aires GRU-7A resin ejection seats (for F-14B) 4143

-Eagle Design F-14 resin Bombcat set 48-CK-24

-Cutting Edge F-14 resin wheels set 48057 (OOP)

-Shull Resin F-110 exhaust nozzles (OOP)

-Fine Details brass pitot/AOA set AC-54

-Steel Beach resin BOL rail set SB119

-Steel Beach vinyl FOD covers (blue) SB204

-Eduard canopy mask EX037


Hasegawa 1/48 F-4F P-7:

-fuselage and wings carefully removed from sprues

-kit includes two one-piece canopies and one multi-piece canopy

-kit includes two slotted stab sets (for F-4E) To build as an F-4F you'll need to trade for a non-slotted set or modify one of the slotted sets

-TwoBobs F-4F "Press to Test Elefant" sheet 48-176

-Quickboost resin ejection seats 48-004

-AirDoc resin underwing inboard pylon and launch rails 48003

-Aires F-4 resin exhaust nozzles 4118

-Black Box F-4D resin cockpit set 48058

-Cobra Co. long feather exhaust nozzles (four nozzles total in set) CC48054

-AMS Resin FOD covers

-Eduard canopy mask EX004


Classic Airframes 1/48 TA-4J Aggressor #4147:


For sale in the US and Canada. Please pm or email me if interested. I'd prefer PayPal but will accept money orders. Shipping costs will be USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number which from recent experience in the US with run $8.00 to $12.00. Thanks for looking!

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