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World War II Field Artillery Thread

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So currently, I'm chipping away at this M12. (Mostly) straight from the box, although I might put it on a small base with a crewman. Not a bad kit.


Meanwhile, I picked up Dragon's new howitzer kit, and its a real gem. Remarkable in that A> it's not German, B> it's not a Sherman, and C> it's not German. Here's hoping they're planning a short wheel-base GMC for a tractor and a 155mm howitzer as well. I look forward to seeing AFV club's obligatory competitor kit, too. I built the Italeri kit a while ago, and have fiddled around with some diorama ideas but nothing I'm yet happy with. Honestly, and despite its age I don't think the Italeri kit is too bad. Always a favorite of mine.

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Pow! See what i did just there? Thread revival, after a shockingly long time. That's because the project is back on the bench.



I dig how the gun, separate from the carriage, looks like an old-timey fortification or naval mount.

Somehow the upper/lower hull fit isn't quite right. Probably my ham-handedness somewhere along the line, but in any event, it's progressing. Academy's grill inserts can be conveniently replaced with mesh for a better look. Lots of tedious work ahead, cleaning up the artillery rounds, stowage and so forth.

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What a beast! I like derivative vehicles where you can see the origin of the chassis. Nice job so far.

I read a book once about the campaign through France which detailed the actions taken against German fortifications in the Siegfried Line. The account described M12s taking point blank, direct fire shots against German pillbox embrasures. Must have been awesome.

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Another project entirely. I'll get back to the M12, but this kit has been languishing for more time unfinished, so if I'm getting back to artillery kits, it should be first in line.




Not much to say. Dropped the top of the splinter shield, per photographs. For a 1974 kit, it's excellent, but a dedicated modeler with more spare time should probably replace the shield with thinner plastic or even perhaps brass. Other parts might benefit from that, too.

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