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New addition to the AC-130U?

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That was strange. Tried to open the second link and got a endless line of windows opening saying Windows can not open this link. If I hadn't reset my 'puter, would have been 1000's of these windows. Probabably just me, but anybody else seen this before?


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Yeah Curt is spot on...simple aerodynamic fairing for the FLIR. Kinda ironic when you look at all the other crap hanging out the side of the thing spoiling aerodynamics. But then again it's a Herk (and I meant that in a good way). Funny that our HC-130s have the nose mounted FLIR (just aft of the radome). Wonder why the U-boats mounted them that way. The HC-130 mount gives us excellent coverage.



Four fans of freedom baby!

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I thought the HC-130's were pretty much just dedicated tankers for SAR helos. Why would they need a FLIR at all? Now that they MH-53's are all gone, are they around just to support the HH-60's or do they also support Army special ops and the CV-22s?

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The Hc-130's were made into MC-130Ps. We refuel any thing with a probe. We can also haul some trash.


Well.....kinda....AFSOCs HC-130s were renamed MC-130s. The P models are the oldest in the fleet as I'm sure Curt will attest to. Our oldest HC-130 (211 RQS) is a 1993 bird. We have 4 and they are HC-130N(H3)s. Rescue squadrons fly HCs and Special Ops fly MCs. The Talons can also hang the A/R pods and refuel Helos as well. AFSOC is also getting (and already has a few I think) MC-130Ws.


Actually yeah. Our HC-130s have supported (and still do) any rotoary winged airframe that has an A/R boom on it. They've done deployments to HOA supporting USMC CH-53E, and elsewhere suppporting 160th MH-47,MH-60. HC-130s can also do Infil/Exfil and resupply. CSAR/SAR wise they can employ Pararescue teams including HAHO, HALO, Static line, RAMZ (Rigging Alternate Method Zodiak), MA-1 kit drops, Flare support, electronic search, visual search, COmm platform and AMC duties. Also, HC-130s cannot A/R fast movers as we don't have the high speed drogues. Not sure if the MCs have them but I know the USMC KC-130s do.

Here's an example of one mission:

Situation...severely injured mariner on a USN Suply ship 650NM off the coast. HC-130 launches along with 2XHH-60G Pavehawks in pitch dark and high seas. HC-130 conducts 1st A/R with Pavehawks and then proceeds direct to USN ship. Upon arrival HC-130 conducts RAMZ drop with 3 member Pararescue (PJ) Team as well as flare drops. HC-130 provides overwatch until PJ team gets onboard ship. HC-130 returns to provide additional A/R support to HH-60Gs as well as comm relay from embarked PJ team to PJs onboard HH-60s and Hospital on shore. HH-60s arrive on scene and perform hoist recovery for injured mariner and PJ team. HC-130 provides A/R support on return flight on shore where HH-60 delivers patient to higher medical care hospital......One Save.

Just one example, but wanted to illustrate that the HC-130 is more than a simple gas passer. It's a force multiplier.

Don't want to hijack the thread though, back to the Spectre.....


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