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1/48 Eduard Fokker Dr.1 Tri-plane

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Gentlemen, A Le Rhone with the copper intake pipes in the front is a 80 hp model. If the pipes are behind it is the 110 hp version. The Oberursel 110 was a direct copy of the 110 Le Rhone.

You can't just mount the engine backwards--then the pipe angles face the wrong direction cw or ccw. I ran into that problem with a Williams Bros LeRhone kit a couple of years ago

There is a couple of replica triplanes flying with the 80 hp version. Its a matter of availablility I would imagine.

Cheers, Tony

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Thanks for the info Tony, that clears up a lot. I did notice that just turning the engine around would cause the pipes to be on the incorrect side. I plan on removing them and flipping them to the other side, facing the other direction. Thanks again for clearing things up!


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I love how yours is turning out! I just order this same kit, hopefully mine can look half as good. Thanks for all the other post on the engine info, it will help me out when I get to mine. I just got to start my DH2 first.

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Thanks a lot for the complements Frzntundra and jordan03! Frzntundra, I also have a DH2 on the list to build! I can't wait for the mess of rigging that model brings. :whistle:

The kit actually comes with the incorrect decals for my aircraft, so I will be making my own decals when I get back from my Oshkosh trip on 10 days...I leave tomorrow.

EDIT: Here are some pics of the small details I've been able to work on the past couple of days. I made the prop wrench that goes on the right wing tip skid as well as painted some of the details like the red fuselage stripe on the black ring around the vertical.




I may change the thread to something that looks more like duct tape...but I still haven't decided on that yet.



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Home from Oshkosh now, and the past two days I finished making the decals and future coating the model. Tomorrow I should have the decals in place and hopefully finished the following day. It's getting close!

Making the decals in MS Word. I had to make my own iron Crosses because the kit ones are incorrect for my aircraft.



Testing decals sizes


The printed decals and the model prior to future.



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She is finished! I completed the model yesterday, but not in time to take some pictures. I hope you like my example of the Kingsbury Aerodrome Dr.1!

I built the wheel chocks like the Kingsbury ones as well.






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