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Thanks Dave/Mike/Slick :thumbsup:

It's buttoned up, filled and sanded, primed and given a coat of Buff. The oil's are sponged on using make-up

sponges donated by SWMBO. For the panel lines, I used pieces of tape along the lines that were un-done as

I moved from front to back as tape on top of any fresh oil would not work. This left a little bit of buildup in the panel

lines without going totally overboard (I hope :pray:)

First shots are with primer/buff/oil





and this is after a spray of Tamiya Clear Yellow....upper portion of fuselage is only sitting in place






On to making some tiny buckles to help with the rigging. Thanks for looking


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Thanks for the kind words guys! :cheers: There's still more that can go wrong :rofl:

I tried making turnbuckles using the thinnest wire I had and they looked just too big to me.

So I Googled 'Bobs Buckles' because I have heard them mentioned here and at the

Aerodrome and got some made by Bob and shipped over here. I just got them today

which is super-fast considering the trans-Atlantic trip they had to make

Am I ever glad I turned to Bob!...take a look at the difference


My example is the red one on the left if you weren't certain :doh:

So now I have no excuse but to plod on... :unsure:

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Very AWESOME...inspiring stirring stuff from you..


Love the ALBATROSS and the way you have managed to get the wood grain effect....STUNNING... :D :tease:

you deserve the accolades..

HOLMES :cheers:

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HOLMES...you're too kind..thanks for the kind words and inspiration :cheers:

Getting the under-carriage and the wing on is a little tricky in this kit. You really need a third hand to line every thing up while

gluing. As a result I kinda botched the under-carriage....I have it cocked on a bit of an angle....my cure is to photograph it

away from that angle and it's not as obvious :whistle:. Rigging takes some getting used to. I used .003 EZ_Line which seems a little small

in scale to the box-art at least. The box-art makes the rigging look the thickness of pool cues in comparison. But the holes on

Bob's buckles in 1:32 are quite petite ...I really don't think I could have gotten anything thicker through the buckle holes.







Still need to put the control surfaces (rudder/ailerons) and their cables on as well as a camo touchup, gloss/decal

exercise and the prop and I can almost put this baby on the shelf and move on to DOTR-2

Thanks for looking


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Greg, Mike thanks for the kind words :woot.gif:. I'm here to say this one is finally done. The under-carriage is still tilted but hopefully it

doesn't show up too badly in the pics





Thanks for following along....see everybody over in the DOTR-2 GB


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