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Eduard Bristol "The Crocodile"

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Well, its started, sorry about the quality of photo, I'll work on that at a later date, had some issues with the masking so some touch up will be required. Next job will be to finish the fuselage and then work on toning down the red and white checks........all I can see is squares !003-3.jpg

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Hi Guys,

Got to admit, never done a group build before and this really has given me a bit of a kick in my model making, not finished anything in ages !

So the progress continues ! no one can make a seat with such detail as Eduard I have decided, etched and plastic and a work of art


Next up was trying to break down the colour of the checkerboard, not that easy, I use a wonderful Iwata airbrush hooked up to 25 year old compressor,

no regulator, no moisture trap....I am sure you get the picture. The results still need some work, its a mixture of well thinned brown paint and tamyia weathering pastels, not so bad but probably a wash to follow


And lastly , thought you might like to see the chaos I work in !!


Cheers guys


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Nice work!....a Gotha on the go too?


Thanks for the comments, thats not a Gotha its Rodens Stakken, to give you an idea of size, the Stakken is 1/72nd and the Brisfit is 1/48th, it has the wingspan of a B-29.......i'll finish it one day !

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Hi Guys,

Well, been a busy week , none of it modelling related, but managed to finally to do a bit more.

More squares, on more white paint, this bit is getting tiresome !


thought I'd break from doing the squares and get the prop done



and finally yet more red and white squares, as before, these need touching up and the colour breaking down


cheers guys


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Thanks for all the kind words guys, it all leads to encouragement to get something finished !

Well, managed to get the bottom wing on today, not the easiest of tasks to get the struts lined up straight and true. I have never used a jig on a

bi-plane, always done it by sight and with a tape measure.....that might well have been the kiss of death for the top wing !




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Hi Guys

Again, thanks for the support

Managing to get on with this one which is a relief to be fair, I normally struggle to finish anything

Undercarriage on and control lines rigged, and the endless task of drilling holes for wire turn buckles


and finally top wing on and lots of loose rigging to be sorted !


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