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Ugh, first time modeling disaster *using clay*

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Ok this is my first model in a long time and I asked my mom for some silly puddy as recommended by the hobbyshop for making a splotchy transition of grey to olive drab on my p38. My mom came back from the arts and crafts store (I would of gone myself to find silly puddy, but since I have a DWI and no license Im stuck at the house and at the mercy of others intuition) and came back with *modeling clay*. I thought it might be worth a try so I went ahead and put the clay over 2/3's of the aircraft parts to try it out.

It was a big mess was all. The clay got into crevices that I couldnt get to without breaking off glued components of the a/c to get it off, it sticks to everything, my tools arent very good for removing all the clay, the paint job wasnt splotchy at all but came off in sharp edges which doesnt look very realistic at all. Owell, this model is mainly for learning how to model, but I will never use clay to cover up unpainted surfaces again. Im gonna try and find some silly puddy.

Right now I got the two peices of the airplane I put clay on in the freezer so hopefully it will break off in chunks, because it just molds to the plane when I try rubbing it off.

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I had exactly the same problem with a car model - the clay left a stick residue that wouldn't come off!

I've since found some stuff which is called modelling "dough" - it's got the same properties but doesn't seem to be sticky... Will try it out and see how I get on...

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Noooo! It's a great idea, but the problem with blue tac is that once it warms up it's possibly the stickiest material in the know universe! And paint has a habit of not drying on it and coming off on your model (go on, ask me how I know... :yahoo:)!

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Use Play Dough instead - very cheap, doesn't leave residue, and much easier to work with. Get it at Wal Mart, K Mart, Kids R Us, etc.

quote name='peebeep' date='Jul 16 2009, 06:56 PM' post='1767051']

Blue Tac is fine. Try Blue Tac plus masking tape (or fluid if you prefer):


After removal:



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