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1/700 scale Habbakuk - NEED PAINTING HELP!

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Been too long since I posted to this site. But now I'm back and I need help. I've been posting to other forums about this subject and still I am left clueless as to what to do. I'm hoping that there might be some people who also build ship models here that can give me some advice. :D

Rather than repost everything about my project here, I'll leave some links to other threads on other forums that I posted to:


Now if you read some of the posts near the bottom of Page 1 of that thread, you can see my dilemma as to what color to paint that ship.

Another thread on another forum is here:


Reply #7 in that thread which was made by me gives some suggestions as to what I "may" paint the ship.

But........I'm still undecided. :woot.gif: The main hull will get spray painted while the superstructure, guns, etc. will get brush painted. But when I find a good spray can color to use, there is practically no corresponding smaller bottle of color to use for brush painting, and vice versa. :)

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your only option may be to custom mix your color to match the spray you use. Even if you were using the same paint and airbrushing, the paint will look different when you brush it on. I'd choose a spray, shoot it on some plastic, then get a close color and go to town trying mixes until you get it right. maybe a long way to go about it but in this case thats what I'd do...

Good luck! :woot.gif:

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