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F-102 wheel bays

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I wonder if anyone can help me with a colour question, namely the colour of the wheelbays and doors on the F-102 Delta Dagger/

I've just bought the kit, but the usual Revell paint instructions are a bit vague, and I have some ambiguous photo info in colour and black and white, which does'nt help!

In the colour pics the inside of the nosewheel door appears chromate yellow, but the B & W pics of the wheelbays seem to indicate a darker colour, possibly interior green? If anyone can shed any light on this topic I would be most grateful. :wave:

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The link John posted shows what is the most common combination based on my research.

Later in life some of the ones that were camouflaged had the bays sprayed in the same gray as the underside camo color.

Silver Lacquer (like on the gear struts) is another choice for the bays.


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I thought the early Daggers had that yellow-ish Zinc-Chromate in the wheel wells...couldn't find a pic on the net of this ..but something is jogging my memory....

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In the newest FineScale Modeler (September issue), there's a build article of the 1/48 Monogram Deuce. The author states that the F-102 and the F-106 could have had green, aluminum, or Air Defense Command (ADC) gray wheel wells. In his build, he painted the bays interior green and the inside of the doors yellow zinc chromate. The washes and dry-brushing he did look amazing!

Hope this helps.


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