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Cool-Daryl's in :thumbsup:

The last one was such a good opportunity to get one out of the stash that I'm gonna tackle another. Italeri's 1/35 BM-13 Katyusha:



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That's a very nice Bullitt 'stang in your signature Alby :thumbsup:

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for the kudos on the Bullitt. I just picked the 1968 version to go along with it, it'll make a cool 'now and then' mini-collection. Here's the build blog on the '08 Bullitt;




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Well...found this site two weeks ago and now I gotta get started...found what might be one of the last AMT 1970 Camaro Short Spoiler kits today...time to emmulate the car in the garage finally!

So...were gonna start with the 1:25 AMT Z-28 Kit with the single piece rear spoiler and a LT-1 350, transplant a 375hp L-78 396 from another AMT kit, snag a Ford 9" Differential from another, and build a 6 point NHRA roll bar...by the time it's done it should look like the eventuall culmination of the REAL project car in the garage...

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Hi everyone. :)

I'm in and I´ll be doing the 1/72 Kettenkrad from the WWII ground vehicle set from Academy. I did the Kubelwagen and the Jeep in Ground equipment GB in '04. Maybe I´ll also do something else.

Best regards

Grétar W. G. B)

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I been wanting to build a car kit for awhile now, so I would like to announce my entry. I picked up the Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider from TonyH a few months back and been itching to start on it.




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Ill add this one here for more participation.

Going to start it in about 2hrs, Just put the parts in to soak after taking the pics.

I need something I can build at the kitchen, to watch the little one.

M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII



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Know it's pretty late but any chance I can enter with a fire appliance?. Am in the process of building the first actual fire appliance for South Queensferry post WW2.


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