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1/35 Italeri U.S. Army M997 Ambulance

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This is the Italeri 1/35 M997 Maxi Ambulance.

It is painted to represent a U.S. Army unit in desert paint scheme, as used in Afghanistan, and Iraq.

It will be used in a display with a U.S. Army UH-60 Medevac helicopter, which is still under construction.

The kit tires looked too small, so I put Trakz resin weighted tires on it, and used the kit wheels.

Eduard's PE set was also used, along with a few scratchbuilt stuff, mostly in the back.

Thanks, Pete Brown








Here's a wounded guy that was just brought by the M997 to the helicopter medic


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Hey thanks you guys, I really appreciate all of the kind comments.

The Humvee was done with a rattle can, a little washing and drybrushing, then some pastels.

Although I do airbrush much of the time, I use spray cans when ever possible.

They save quite a bit of time and clean up, and you can get a pretty good finish if you're careful.

Don't get me confused with a figure painter! That I am not by any means.

Basically all I do is lay down a flesh tone, base color for the uniforms, wash and drybrush.

A little detailing here and there, that's about it. I really don't know anything about figure painting.

Look at the Planet Figure site if you want to see some excellent figure painting!

Anyway, my figures serve the purpose for the dioramas, but I'm happy you all like them none the less.

Here's a closer pic of the crew chief, I think he turned out the best.

Thanks again,



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Love the figures and the humvee, Pete. One thing though, is that the hubs seem a bit too clean for my taste...


BTW, you know echelon makes 1/35th patches? They are also very nice if you want to get into that whole super detail mode...lol

Do you have any more figures for the dio?


P.S. Is the crew from CMK or what company(/companies) makes them? Also, how did you make the mics? They look incredible!

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Here's a wounded guy that was just brought by the M997 to the helicopter medic


Dude, Great work man......really nice!!!.........one thing i have a question on though......is the wounded guy's leg broken? seems a bit odd that there is that kink near where a knee cap would be........sorry, i dont mean to be picky but sure would tell a story about the soldier......"..was fighting all night under constant enemy small arms and mortar attack. The marines where rescued early, Friday morning under a decisive gunbattle that left many casualties. Some of the men are being evatcuated now. (*camera swings over to the marine on the crate*)...

ok, i gotta get back to studying......im going crazy

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