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Finally got a start on this ripper kit.

One thing I have noticed is that the plastic is brittle necessitating good sprue cutters to remove the connecting sprue tree stubs.



I will keep plodding along...



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To be honest?

There is progress but slow. I am finding it immensely difficult building aircraft models currently and am trying all sorts of things to regain the "enthusiasm"

Small scale armour does not need me to use an airbrush so I can build kits to completion, plus lots of subassembly work on the J.1 have already been done.

Bare with me, I am loving the kit and just need to overcome my severe modellers block over building model aircraft, which so far has lasted nearly 3 years.

Moeggo has sent me a fantastic magazine with a J.1 build amongst others, which helps also.

More to come, both here and in the "in progress" forum.



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