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Well Guys, i suppose that I need to get something going here, thanx for letting me continue where I left off early 2006, I have done nothing since then, I just hope that I can find all the Pieces, :whistle:

I havent done any magor work but this is where I am now and will continue from here, could have started a new build, have plenty of them but need to get through my half built heap of shame. :( . The reason as to why i stopped is due to the fact that I poured a bottle of superglue over the one and just shelved them Both.

Enough of that

Here is where I was at when disaster struck: OH AND I PUT THE WRONG PARTS ON THE WRONG TANK, AND MODIFIED THE TANK TO ACCEPT THEM,will fix that as well


This was my origional intention:

I will be building Tiger no 12 1.s.Pz.Kp.(FK1), Kaisersteinbruch. 05.1944 and

Tiger 100 1./s.SS-Pz.Abt. 503 . Belin-sector 05.1945 ( Ostuf.Lippert)

The reason for the second is that it is one of those that have a wierd colour scheme, very different, just the way that I like it.

This is what I have :

Tamiya Tiger II Production Turret, Kit No 35057

Tamiya Tiger II Porsche Turret, kity No 35169

Eduard PE set No. 35072

Attack Zim Part No. 35003

CMK Barrels for both versions of Tiger ( got these for $2-50 each, ages before I had the 2 kits)

Run down:

Firstly I dont have workable tracks for these 2 therefore I will be using the origional tracks if these dont look good then I will get workables after the fact.

( scrap the Tracks as per above, i have obtained 2 sets of HobbyBoss tracks in the mean time )


Well here I have been dropped again, on my Tiger 1 that I put together the Zim was to short, well the same problem came up here again the turret is ok but the sides are way to short, I resolved this problem the same as I did with the Tiger 1 and that is I used the Zim that was to be placed below the fenders to fill in the missing spaces. ( Atak have indicated on there instructions that if the pieces are to short fill in with Milliput, but guys 6 - 10 MM surely they can get this right for the $30-00 US price tag that they have on there product.

Barrels :

If you will be using the CMK barrels for the Tiger II then get ready for extensive modifications to the breach and the Mantles in both cases.


I will be splitting the PE between both kits and adding some new grab handles and using them as templates to scratch some extras for the other one.

Enjoy, and hold thumbs that they get further this time round.

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Hey Mike, just hope that the Cavalier Zim fits better that the Atak Zim.

As for me , I have managed to clean most of the superglue off the one and it sort of looks ok I modified the grills on the Hen and scratched some grill surrounds, I will add some PE to her tonight and then spray the Turrets of both of the girls Yellow and then tackle the Hulls and wheels.

Will put up some pix later tonight.


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Hi Guys, about time I get some sort of update done here.


Above: Here you can see the difference between the 2 turrets, and it is clear that the Henshal version (bottom One ) is very old and is lacking in detail when when compared to the Porsche version.


Above : A closeup of the Atak Zimmerit, lovely detail, but does not fit very well.


Above : Porsche Turret


Above : Henshal Turret


Above : The Engine deck of the Henshal version, here you can see when compared to the deck of the Porsche version the detail once again lacking, I added nylon mesh over the Vents and plastic trim that I scratched from the Pe used below, I also modified the under turret vents from the P and used it on the H. All the PE on the P below is from the Eduard Set.



Above : More Zim


Above : here you can see how the Grills were modified, all worked out for the Best.

Next i will be Scratch building some Rear Mud Guards for the H as it has not get any, none it the kit.

For interest, The Henshal version was one of the motorized kits that Tamiya brought out at one stage.

Hope you enjoyed, and comments will be most welcome.


Edit : for Typo's

Edited by Graemeb
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