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Here is the list. Checks, postal MO only. Shipping at cost from Ohio.


Revell F-4 Phantom Mig Killer

Revell Messer. BF-110C-4B

Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle



9142 A6M2 Zero type 11

9143 A6M2B Zero type 21

9117 a6m3 Zero type 22

9170 a6m3 zero type 22a

9543 a6m5 type 52

9070 a6m5 type 52

51906 a6m8 type 54

9530 d3a1 val type 99 coral sea version

9056d3a1 val type 11 midway version

9396 b5n2 kate type 97 w/torpedo

b5n2 kate type 97 w/radar

9084 c6n1 myrt recon plane

9069 a6m2 rufe seaplane

9281 b7a1 grace type 11

f4u-4 corsair

f4u-5 corsair

sbd-5 dauntless


61084 j1n1 gekko type 11

g4m1 betty bomber

a10a thunderbolt


F-14A Bombcat

F-22A raptor


F-15E strike eagle


AC-47 Gunship

Acc. Min.

B-25B Doolittle

TBM-3D Avenger


1128 P-39 L/N

8173 FW-190A8



MT-56 Morser Karl railway gun

2810 F/A-18A (2)

FA-18C (2)

FA-18c VMFA 212

FA-18C w/ verlinden PE set

FA-18D (2)


Navy fighter group (F-4B, A-7A, A-3D)

Marine Attack group (F-8E, A-4E, A-6E)


Monogram Huey Chopper (old boxing)

Trumpeter Fire Pumper


1/72 Hasegawa EA-6B includes, Golden Dragon resin pit, eduard 151 PE set, Ed. Mask, ez mask, Cutting edge 72206 decals

1/48 Blue box F/A-18E super hornet w/ big ed pe set

1/48 Blue Box F/A-18F super hornet w/ big ed pe, Superscale VX-23, F-18 stensils, Two Bobs decal sets 117 and 107

All kits are complete. Most are open. Many still sealed inside. Prices are best offer. Take one, take all. I can deliver if at Nats. PM me for more details or to make offer.


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Wow that was very sad... i tried to pm you to get prices but your inbox was full and we didn't get prices.

Oh well, i'm glad you sold all of them!

A dealer at Nats purchased all of them. Thought it was best to go that route and quicker too.



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