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2011 IPMS National Convention

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Yup, it is about as central as you can get. Access by interstate is easy, access by airfare either via KCI or Eppley Airfield is relatively cheap with lots of airlines flying in (just factor in a three hour drive north from KC if you fly in there just to save a few bucks).

The site itself will be a new hotel and convention center built on the west side of La Vista, NE next to Cabelas sporting goods and there are two large hotels attached via Skywalk (I know one is, not sure about the other) with one or two more within walking distance. Cabelas has good dining, but it is also within easy reach of cheaper food sources. Drive a little further and LaVista has all the staples of good fast food from burgers to Italian and Chinese. As I understand it, the hotels have LOTS of free parking! So while room rates might be on par with previous shows, you shouldn't have to worry about paying lots of parking fees each time you leave the show and come back.

Attractions nearby include the Henry Dorley Zoo (for the wife and kids, but some cool exhibits are there) and the Strategic Air & Space Museum (aka the SAC museum, its original title before a name change about a decade ago) down the road near Ashland, NE (only a 10 minute drive down I-80 from the convention site). The Western Heritage Museum in downtown Omaha is also a great place to go for train lovers. There is also supposed to be a very good auto racing museum of sorts in Lincoln itself which I plan to get information about (supposedly not open to the public, but private tours are allowed with reservations as I understand it).

The SAC Museum has one of the most interesting aircraft collections in the country (all indoors) and some new stuff has been added to it in recent years with them getting Wright Patt's B-1A (now painted in euro one colors, although that could be considered accurate for the B-1A that became the prototype B-1B) and an RF-4C nicely restored in Nebraska ANG colors. The B-36, B-45, B-47, B-52B, XP-85 Goblin, B-57B Canberra, SR-71 Blackbird and a currently being restored TB-29 are among some of the more unique aircraft on display there among many. We even have a Block 1 Apollo capsule on display as well. There might also be a tour organized to Offutt AFB, but that is entirely dependent on security rules and restrictions in 2011 (i.e., we don't know if it can be done, but we will see if we can come up with something). For the armor guys, one of the club members in Lincoln is working on a database of all the armor pieces (and some aircraft) on display in the various Nebraska towns from tanks, to APCs, to artillery pieces (even a WW2 Torpedo). I am going to see if we can try to offer some sort of a printed listing of these for convention goers to help maybe plan some sight seeing trips. Although there really isn't an armor museum in the area, there are certainly some interesting armor pieces that have ended up on display in Nebraska towns.

Theme currently planned for 2011 is "VIDEMUS OMNIA" ("we see all" in Latin) the motto of the 55th Wing based at Offutt. The 55th has a rich history going back to being a P-51 fighter combat unit in WW2. When it became part of the USAF, the 55th became a recon wing flying RB-47s and later RC-135s on ELINT missions during the cold war. That mission continues to this day. Of course that motto could probably also apply to the IPMS judges as well. ;) I did suggest if we changed it to "So Say We All" then we could have had a Battlestar Galactica theme, but that went over like a lead balloon. :D Needless to say, recon aircraft and anything associated with that theme will probably have a special award for the show. So dust off your RF's RC's and U-2s and SR-71s and get building. If you are as slow as I am, you might get finished with one of them by the contest deadline. ;) There might also possibly be some theme connected with Operation Torch as well since many of the Iowa NG units activated for WW2 ended up in North Africa in battles such as Kasserine pass (where many became MIA and/or POWs).

There are two Hobbytowns in the Omaha area with one being in La Vista and the other being on the Northwest side (except for a couple train shops and a pair of diecast shops in the malls that stock some plastic, these are Omaha's only hobby shops). The prices are good (competitive with internet unless it is coming from Asia) and the La Vista location has one of the best plastic stocks in the country (certainly one of the best for a Hobbytown statistically). So if you absolutely CAN'T wait to shop if you arrive the day before the vendors room opens, you'll have plenty of reasons to make your bank account lighter.

So start saving, visit Phoenix next year and then come join us for the greatest model building party in the country in two years!

BTW GK, if you can't wait for this one, PLEASE consider becoming a vendor here! I know it is a lot of work, but Sprue is a great draw and it always has been to our local and regional shows. But if you can't, no biggie. ;)

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We are thinking about being a vendor, but trying a whole new concept of vending that I do not believe has been tried before. Scott was briefed in what I was brainstorming in Columbus. We will see how this idea develops as we wait for 2011 to arrive.

What are the dates for your show in 2011?


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Sweet, hopefully I'll be on orders out there and won't have to travel. I am truly bummed that I couldn't go to Columbus since OH is the home state. Damn TDY trip to Ft Bragg. At least O got Carolina Barbecue.



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That's a very central location for everyone in the US.....which is a good thing.

Only a 23 1/2 hour drive from Mississippi here. LOL :worship:

But hey, im a truck driver, so i can handle the drive

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Although there really isn't an armor museum in the area, there are certainly some interesting armor pieces that have ended up on display in Nebraska towns.

About 3-3 1/2 hours west of Omaha on I-80, there is a nice armor museum in Lexington, NE known as the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles. They have a nice collection of vehicles inside and outside of the building, including some rare vehicles including the General Dymanics XM 998, the vehicle that AM General beat out for the HMMWV contract. Most of the vehicles at the museum have been restored, and most of the vehicles stored inside are operational. Admission is free, but donations are more than welcome.

Here is the website for more info.

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am so frickin' Excited! I went to my first IPMS meet 2 years ago at OMACON, and now it is coming to Omaha! This is amazing! I am so excited! I live in Lincoln and it is so close! Okay, lots of building between now and then, and I was so excited about Phoenix next year, but Omaha! Wow!

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Just to get some juices flowing.

Here are the links to some pics I took at the Strategic Air and Space Museum:


and the Heartland Armor Museum:


I visited them back in 2007.

I am hoping I can make it back for the contest. Will have to see after Phoenix.

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Man this is great to hear! It's about as close to coming back to KC as I can hope for. Just to echo what was so nicely put on here, lots of stuff to do in/around Omaha, the SAC (I know it's not called that anymore, but it's still SAC to me-lol) museum is quite cool, and the Zoo is the best I have been to. I love taking my kids up there, can't wait!


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