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Well done Columbus!!!

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You guys did a spectacular job on all accounts from what I could see. Frm the vendor side those of us who shipped our stuff there had virtually no problems getting or stuff dropped off at our tables and from the spectator side, the show was spctacular! The quality of the builds was super impressive with jaw droppers and inspiring projects at every turn.

TJ and Jason Holt (the faces of the show from my perspective) did a great job on all facets. I will be posting my convention pics ater once I recover and get some sleep!! Closing down the bar 5 nights in a row really hurts the old liver and wears you down!! ;)

Cheers Columbus. Great job!


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My 1st Nats and yes Columbus you guys did AMAZING! everything was nicely coordinated with a great staff working!

My only snafu was being late Saturday from the hotel and getting stuck in traffic with the heart walk but I must say Columbus PD even had some of the nicest cops I've talked too.

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I agree. Granted, I was only there for the last 2 hours. However, from what I had read leading up to it I expected somewhat of a fiasco. What I saw though was a great show. Lots of vendor well laid out and plenty of space to walk around. The large display area was also comfortable to walk through and see everything.

I was impressed!!

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