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I'd like to start this thread off, not with some pics, but with a question: has anyone pics or drawings on how the firingcable and the disconnecting cable of the overwing Lewis-gun run into the cockpit? I'm also interested how the firing-handles on the stick are wired.

BTW; chances are that I'm going to build this crate not as an RFC-machine but as an interned aircraft as used by the Dutch with the big orange meatballs and orange rudder. Luuk Boerman has revived DutchDecal and the first release will cover the Brisfit, SE.5a and Fokker DVII in Dutch service.


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I've been in Germany on my Yamaha R1 this weekend, so no building done yet. But... in the meantime the postman delivered the new Dutch Profile / Dutch Decal decalsheet which I'll use on my SE.5a. After a navigational error 2lt. Owen Thamer from Kichener, Ontario, Canada, landed this aircraft in the Netherlands after which it was interned. It was put to use in the Luchtvaart Afdeeling, the Dutch Army Air Corps. As it seems it was fitted with double overwing Lewis guns at the time of its internment. Those guns were removed but to my eye it looks like the fuselage-mounted MG was retained. As far as I can interpret the upper photo, of course! For those who now suspect the Dutch Government still owes the H.M. Government money; on August 23rd 1918, the aircraft was officially purchased for GBP 3000,-


Image is copyright Dutch Decal. Reproduced here with permission from Dutch Profile.


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I'm afraid I have to withdraw from the Groupbuild, gents! I'm very sorry but I won't be able to finish my SE.5 in time. Before the year is out I'll have to finish an armour reviewkit and after that there are some more things to finish for my local IPMS Chapter in regards to a "Battle of Britain 70 Years"-theme! I guess I just took a bit too much on my shoulders here!



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