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In doing research for my Monogram 1/48 AV-8A kit, I am seeing many Google pics showing AV-8C's??

What is the difference between a "A" and a "C" Harrier? The only thing I could see was the bolt-on refueling probe, and strakes on the gun pods.



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AV-8As improved to AV-8C standards.

Externally: low voltage formation strip lights, "slime lights"

...and Strakes added to the gun pods...

and new lift improvement devices...

chaff and flare dispensers, RWRs..

and in the cockpit: a mess!

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Also RWR antennas on the wingtips and tailcone, and AV-8Cs were originally fitted with a scabbed-on LIDS fence on the belly just in front of and between the gun pods. However, there were lots of problems with it (apparently it didn't like to retract) and so they were pulled off. However, the slots for the hinges and actuators as well as some scabbed-on fairings remained. Check out the pics at Prime Portal: AV-8C Walkaround

Take note of the shots of the belly between the nose gear and the gun packs, as well as the wingtips, tailcone and various slime lights.

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AV-8C's also had a LIDS dam behind the nose undercarriage doors, and the gun pods had large strakes on them, all done to improve the air cushion for hovering. Also RWR nodules on wing tips and tail boom. Refuelling probes were universal and removable so there presence or not is no indicator of whether it's an A or a C.

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The only other change I haven't seen mentioned in this thread is that the camera in the port side nose was deleted on the C model.

The refueling probe could be fitted to the AV-8A but just wasn't commonly seen until the later years when most had been converted to C's.

The slime lights look like they were introduced as a modification independent of the C conversion. All C's will have slime lights, but A's could as well depending on the time frame. The earliest photo I've got with slime lights on an A is 1980.

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