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Hi Gang,

Here's what I am building for the GB, a Revell 1/24 Audi R8. For info on the R8- click the Wikipedia link.

A photo of the box top;


The sprues. Not shown are the rims. Since I'm painting them black, the chrome has to be removed, so the rims are in a container of Liquid Plumber.


Here is the color that the model will be finished in (I can here the purists cringing at my choice. :thumbsup: )-


Now for the good stuff. The first thing I wanted to do was convert the front end into a US market version.

European version;


US version;


The license plate bracket needed to be extended to the edges of the grill. Styrene was added, shaped, and the seams filled with glazing putty. The unneeded grill slots were removed and the area sanded smooth;



The rear fascia has been added to the body, and holes filled in for the rear license plate mount (a shorter plate bracket will be added later). I have also started work on the engine. And that's where it stands at the moment. Thanks for looking!



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Hi Gang-

I'll have an update on this build a bit later. As for the Lime Ice, I've had a change of heart on it. I'm going for Tamiya Italian Red instead. I want to stay somewhat realistic with this build so hence a more traditional color.



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