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I have just spent agood long time looking at your photos links...WOWSER!!!!

The Aircraft models are fabulously ASTOUNDING and there are some really amazing builds and

I enjoyed looking at them.... also had a look at the Automobile photos and the M/cycles....and I loved the HARLEY and

the DUCATTI as I did the rest of them...Thnak you..{ good job

ThunderGrint asked for photos or esle we'd nover ger to see your photos!}

HOLMES :bandhead2::woot.gif:

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Just wanted to say Congrat's on a well deserved win Kelly! I did not make the show, but saw photos and heard from others about it. I did meet you in KC and you had a Strike Eagle IIRC?

You might not recall me, but I had restrained from creating an incident when I found that "John's models" had copied my resin A-10 / S-3 inlets when he bought CAM.

Anyway, Nice work. Wish to have seen it in person. I have the Trump. Nimitz, and was hoping there was a time when F-4j's were still on board when Jolly Roger F-14's showed up, but it seems they just replaced them the following mission?

Regards, Erik.

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