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Looking for some car kits....Porsche 550, 365 and

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20 09 09

And although this is an aviaition themed site, I know there are those amongst us who dabble in the four-wheeled plastic.

What I am looking for may actually be quite impossible to source, BUT:

I need, in 1/25th scale:

Porsche 550 Spyder (I want to model James Dean's car). Now I found a guy on Ebay who does resin body shells and he does the body for the 550, but it requires the Fujimi 356 kit. Therefore I also need:

Porsche 356 ) fujimi did a kit and I could do with two.

And a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback as I would like to model the car used in Spencer for Hire.

Any help or pointers to sites that might specialise in these??

Thanks in advance


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don't know much about the porsche kit so can't help you there. as for a 1966 fastback, revell/monogram makes a 1965 fastback kit (pretty much identical to the '66) but it's in 1/24th scale. it should be easily found at most mail order hobby shops as i think it's still in production. if not it shouldn't be too hard to locate one on ebay or other source.. i'm not aware of a 1/25th scale fastback kit but there is a company that makes a resin body of a fastback that you can use the AMT hard top kit as a chassis and engine donor. if i run across the name of that company i'll try to remember to post it for you. hope that helps a little and good luck


just found the source for the 1/25th scale fastback body. a bit pricey but it looks really nice.


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The two Porsches are 1/24. The Fujimi kit is magnificent (it's actually got pistons and removeable cylinders in the engine, as well as a detailed clutch plate), and has also been re-boxed by Testors. And bear in mind, Fujimi did about seven different versions of the car (A, B, C, coupe, convertible, speedster, hardtop), mixing and matching different bodies, different engines, different wheels, different seats, chassis parts, instrument panels, steering wheels, etc., so for the conversion, make sure you get the right kit for the type. And speaking of the conversion, the only problem with the resin body is that you'll probably have to lose some of the amazing detail that the Fujimi kit provides - IIRC, it builds up pretty much into a curbside model (or else, spend days carefully grinding the body out so it'll fit ove Fujimi's chassis).

You'll probably have more luck finding them on the various car modelling forums, though. Or eBay - the 365 is pretty easy to find, and can usually be picked up for around $15 - 20 US (not including shipping).

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Went through my old model car stash and found 2 '66 Mustangs. Both are 1/24th scale from Monogram. As far as I can recall, these were the only fastback 66's ever made. AMT made a '66 coupe in 1/25th.

One kit is a Shelby GT350 molded in white plastic and the other is a GT350H molded in black. Both are complete with all parts still on the trees. The GT350H would not come in its own box since it is from a 3 kit special offering that had all kits in one large box. The GT350 Shelby has a moisture damaged decal sheet but since you wouldn't be needing it for your project that doesn't matter.

These can be built as stock Mustangs since they both have the louvered quarter window inserts in addition to the glass panels used by the Shelbys. The only alteration you'd have to make is to the hoods since they both have molded in scoops. Shouldn't be too hard to cut it out and replace it with sheet plastic or get a donor hood from another kit.

Either kit would be $20 + shipping.

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