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1/32 Academy Sopwith Camel

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Finally getting around to starting this kit.

This will be my first ever biplane, so I am a little nervous about the outcome.

I plan on building it OOB, apart from the rigging. Haven't really decided what to use for that yet..

Some pics.

So far I have just glued the engine together, more to follow soon.



Thanks for watching.

Any info, hints and help would be good...any special pitfalls with this kit?


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Hi Ken,

The Academy kit is a re-issue of the old Hobbycraft tooling. If you're looking for accuracy, skip this one. If you like to build a nice model of a Camel, go right ahead! But don't try to modify/scratchbuild it into a completely accurate model, then you would be better off with the new tooling from Hobbycraft.

BTW, I use dark-colored fishing-line for wiring. RFC/RAF aircraft had streamlined (flattened, with some sort of an airfoil shape) rigging cables to minimize drag. I haven't looked into the Camel, so am not completely sure, but it seems to me the Camel had them too.

Have a look here to compare the old and the new boxings.


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I love this project of yours...I LOVE Sopwiths..I am SOPPY about them so will be following these with great interest..Hope you post mroe soon..

So far its looks good.

I suppose you will have to give rigging a great deal of thought as previously

other modelers have said that their rigging has slumped or slackened or broken......

I am sure it will go smoothly for you... :salute:

HOLMES :yahoo::woot.gif:

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I'm currently finishing off one that my son wasn't getting round to completing. The rigging is definitely the trickiest part and requires some planning. The string supplied with the model got a bit battered being taped up while assembly was taking place. So a replacement for that is a good idea. Other wise I can't report too many issues.

It assembles into a sizeable plane. I'm considering getting myself one, but I've got a few to go in my stash and I don't like confusing myself with too many choices.

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I have got the fuselage closed, and the tops of the wings and engine painted.

I am not trying to go for the supreme model with this one, mainly just want to build it to see if the rigging part will keep me off building more WWI planes.

The thought of spending hours on making this "the perfect model" (is there such a thing), only to throw it out the window halfway through rigging, isn't a pleasing one.

So, I give you:

The stash so far. Fuselage, wings engine and tailfeathers. I have a sneaking suspicion that my green is too green, but I really don't care much. Looks good to me.


The extremely basic cockpit, even for WWI


The engine, not misalignment of parts...oh well.


And what it will hopefully look like. I am going with this interpretation of the scheme. This is from Ospreys Sopwith Camel Aces of WWI. It differs from the scheme on the decal instructions, but I will go with the Osprey version.


Thanks for looking


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Your Sopwith is coming along nicely.Don't be afraid of the rigging,just take your time you'll do fine. You've picked a desent and relatively inexpensive kit to learn on which is the best way to go. Get a couple bi planes under your belt and you'll be building wingnuts or Rodens kit before you know it.


Gregory Jouette

A long time WW I Modeler

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Thanks guys.

This will be the last update before I have to go to Nigeria for a month.

Got the nose painted red, the tail red and white and tried to imitate wood with some burnt umber oil paint.



Pretty happy with it so far. Lower wing dryfitted.

Thanks for looking


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Back from a month in Nigeria, and trying to get this one finished before Thanksgiving.

I Have given it a coat of future and applied the decals. I figured that finishing it in a couple of sub-assemblies before going on to rigging would be the way to go. We'll see how it works out...

The decals were pretty bad, took many many coats of micro sol to get them to lay down flat, and the white is almost translucent. Oh well.

I dropped the elevators a little, and turned the rudder just a bit, just to add a little "life" to the model.

Around the nose cowling I used oil paints to try and simulate the oil being thrown about by the engine.

Also noticed that the guns were molded upside down, so cut off the mounting pin and put them on right side up...but that screwed up the mounting in the cockpit...again..oh well.

Let me know what you guys think!






Going to give it a flat coat tonight, and see if I can get the wheels assembled tomorrow. Going to start the rigging with the gear, and then work from there.

Thanks for looking


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The progress so far....the rigging is going slow, and leaving a lot of spots that needs to be touched up later. Learning a lot about the process, and that was the idea behind this build..so I am happy.

Doesn't look too bad, but could have been better...


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Its Done

Not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but I don't think its too bad for a first WWI build.

Definitely learned a lot from this build, and I plan on doing the Academy Nieuport 17 as further practice.

Let me know what you guys think. and what could have been done different/better.








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Congratulations on completing your first WWI model. Top it off with it looks very good too. The only thing I would add that's even half way negative would be your wood graining around the cockpit.It tough to get it just right sometimes even for someone who has done it many times and redone it nearly as often.No doubt you'll get there if you hang in there .

Check out some of the WWI modeling site on the web you'll find a wealth of information and build tips as well. I wish all this data was available when I build my first WWI kit sure would have been much easier than years of trial and error.Feel free to PM me for the links to the sites I mentioned.

Now get up and build that Nieuport 17. Don't be afraid to different techniques, master one or two then learn another.As I said earlier in this thread ,before you know it you'll be building Roden and Wingnuts kits.Possibly rigging with turn buckles and all. Great build my friend.


Gregory Jouette :thumbsup::cheers::thumbsup:

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