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Condor 1/72 MiG-25U

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I am still unsure which camo or decals will end up on this bird. I just hope it wont end up unfinished as 3 previous builds. Maybe I'll make a poll as it gets closer to the painting phase to help me decide.

This is two days after I started



And this is after yesterday's session. Coming along nicely for now.



Comments welcomed!

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howdy z! back from IDF? :cheers:

linden hill l-39s of the new great game has azeri markings one coudl use, the borts are standard soviet style so shoudent be a problem

LOL, nah still at IDF, and few other places. But I think i'm in a better place now, mentally. So I'm ready to re-start modeling. It just occured to me yesterday that this could be an AZ build. Hopefully I can find at least some photos of their 25U... no shortage of singleseat photos though.

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I havent realized how much dexterity I lost in almost a year of not building. I remember *how* to do this or that, but "skill" just evaporated from my hands... wow. I wont be taking breaks like that anymore.

Anyhow, Azerbaijan MiG-25U is complete. Thanks to Raymond who agreed to trade some decals







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Noce looking model, Zmey.

But you better changed Azerbaijan insignia on fins - half moon on national insignia on fins maut be look to aircraft nose section on both fins, so stars must be look to end size of aircraft - to exhaust.

On wings half moon must be look to left hand (if you look to front insignia veiw) on all surfaces.

In many Muslim ciuntries is wery important orientation of half moon on national insignia, and in different countries its different rools

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Thanks guys! I'll make new photos before the GB is over. As far as weathering, there will be none. AzAF 25s are pretty clean. I just cant muster the very light weathering that would look realistic in 1/72. As far as insignia goes, thats a huge boo-boo on my part. I should have paid closer attention. But its all water under the bridge now. I cant fix that. Another problem that I am aware of is that AzAF MiG-25's insignia are tiny comparing the that on Su-24 or any other aircraft in their inventory. I dont know the reason for it, but I'd need 1/144 decals to make insignia for 1/72.

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Great looking MiG! It's an inspiration: I just fondled mine, but quickly closed the box and put it back in the stash; too many other projects to finish first.....

Are there any pics of Azeri MiG-25s (or other a/c) online somewhere???

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Are there any pics of Azeri MiG-25s (or other a/c) online somewhere???


I'm sure there are. I dont know if you can see this http://milkavkaz.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55 since you arent a member, but there are plenty of photos. Check militaryphotos.net and irandefence.net forum as well. If you are looking for something specific - let me know.

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