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Atack Hobby Models 1/144

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Dear all,

Anyone know how these kits are as far as detail and such!?

I am thinking of getting some of ther MiG15s but never heard of the company. Are they any good?

Thank you all for your responses,

José César :thumbsup:


I purchased some time ago some Attack kits.

Basically they are quite simple kits easy to assemble.

They have engraved panel lines though quite simplyfied.

Details are basic.

Shape and size seems ok.

Decals seems very good but with few or no stencils.

First issues were without inner details (mig-15 is one of these).

An alternative for a mig-15 should be OzMods from New Zeland (not so easy to find, I think).

This has a cockpit and better details and wheels.

But has a vacuformed canopy that requires a good skillness.

Decal are more or less same quality.

Another difference is that this is a quite rude short run while attack kit, even if also a short run, is made of better quality styrene and with a better standard.

To conclude I think they are quite equivalent.

A good modeler makes the difference!

(If I find the time I'll post some pics)



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