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Hasegawa TF-104G 1/48

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hello my friends!

This is my latest build, i was too lazy to assemble it faster...my shame.

It is build up for ours local Starfighter group build.

I get it into modelling contest in Zagreb, Croatia, and it was 4th in 1/48 jet category!! I am very pleased with result!

(results with pictures: http://www.crna-kraljica.com/rezultati.php)

Beside this, this is my first showing of my work here on ARC. ( i start Barak for IDF but i didnt finish it)

I like airplanes with red star, but this is build for pure fun, because i like this rocket with man in it.

This is nice model in box, but it needs much attention on some areas (like five piece canopy :thumbsup: - it is hard to get it straight; wingtip tanks are hard to get it right) but all in all it is great model, with very nice details and nice panel lines (it has perfect joint of fuselage and wings, absolutely great!!).

It is all OOB, just seat harnesses are from isolating tape. Colors are Gunze acrylic; it is washed with chalk pastel + water + and dish washer detergent; gloss and matt cote are from gunze with litlle gray inside of matt cote on top. and thats it.

Decals are nightmare, i used three layers of decal softer and decals didnt get into panel line... they are just bad :wacko: shame on you Hasegawa!

It is my first (all over) kit that I painted with airbrush, first time preshading, first time washing with chalks!

Thanks for watching!

All comments, suggestions are welcome! Thanks!






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