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Enterprise group build.

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Well, its October 1st somewhere. Welcome aboard to the Enterprise group build.

This is a standard 6 month group build ending April 1 2010 in which the topics suitable are:

Any (real) model ship named Enterprise.

Any ship named Enterprise from the Star Trek tv shows or movies. Or the space shuttle Enterprise

Any plane with USS Enterprise titles as it flew from any ship named Enterprise. That is a 70 some odd year choice of planes. From World War 2 till today.

Any Star Trek shuttle craft with the name USS Enterprise on the hull.

So what is suitable?

Any model such as a aircraft or shuttle craft can now be started. Meaning as of September you had not yet put glue to plastic. Exceptions are for those doing a airwing display, there are a couple I know of doing this.

Any BIG project such as a 1/350 scale Tamiya Enterprise with airwing can all ready be started. Face it this kit even takes someone like me months to do justice. The goal is not more then 50%, but you can be the judge of your own work. If all you need to do is add the aircraft to the completed ship........well thats a heck of a lot more finished then 50%.

There WILL be a couple prizes at the end. Only completed models will be considered eligible. The winners will not necessarily be for the best model but will be picked at random. The option of giving one person more then one prize will be determined by the amount of prizes available compared to the amount of finished entries.

I have no idea exactly what the prizes are at this time (September 30 2009) but we have some sponsors.

As of today they are:

Two Bobs decals

Fightertown decals

RB Productions who make rivit tools

Starfighter decals who gave us a discount on decals earlier on their Enterprise related sheets.

Also a couple ARC members have said they will donate some stuff. More details on that later when things are confirmed.

The mods are Steve Filak and myself. So if you screw up Steve will arrest you and I'll lock you up. :monkeydance::wave:

I will set up a "What I plan to build" page and the other ones we need once I have my group build mod powers granted to me by the real mods.

(real mods, please move this to the Enterprise group build section)

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