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Please post your planned entire/s here.....

Heres a format that you could use -

Manufacturer and Scale...

Any Aftermarket Goodies..

Reference picture or profile of your aircraft if you have one...

Anything else we should know.....

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Well alrighty then :monkeydance: I've been saving one and now's the time to break it out. To compliment the ME-410 I built for the last one, I'm gonna build it's Daddy-Revell's 1/48 BF-110G-2 ZG 1 release, with Cutting Edge (Brett Green's) nacelle correction set. Armed with his book, it should be a piece of cake. Unit to be determined later but I'm sure it'll be a day fighter.

And since this GB will roll over into the New Year, I'll start my personal FW-190s in '10 build here (all the FW-190 types in my stash). I have several in the stash to choose from but I'll dig into what I'll start with when the time comes.


edit: Withdrawn. No bench, not enough time.

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Ok, I'm in with the

Huma 1/72 Fa 223 Drache, it will be OOB.


The Fa 223 was ordered into production but its factories were repeatedly destroyed by Allied bombers so only about 18 were ever completed. A handful were was assigned to Germany's only operational helicopter squadron under Transportstaffel 40 from January 1945 through the end of the war.

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Well, after two major surgeries this year, it is nice to be able to get back to the work bench with another group build.

Tamiya 1/48th FW-190F-8. Markings TBD.

Eduard's 1/48th Bf-110G-4. Markings TBD.

Monogram 1/48th He-111H-20. Markings TBD.

Monogram 1/48th DO-217K. Markings TBD.



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I am in with

Me 410, Finemolds, 1/72

Ju 88G, Zvezda, korrect quickboost tail, with Berlin radar nose from NJG 4, at FÃ¥rhus Denmark 1945. 1/72

Do 217, Italeri, 1/72

Ta 152, Dragon, 1/72

and some Bf 109's and Fw 190's as I have always some in the the pipeline of these planes, my addicition :doh:



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Fujimi 1/48 scale bf109 G6 AS

markings for black 14, JG3

Fujimi 1/48 scale bf 109G14

markings for blue 8, JG5, from a Luftwaffe in Focus decal sheet

this are streight forward builds out of the box to start with

reference pictures from both aircraft are available



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I have many in the stash that qualify, but since I have a bunch on my plate at the moment, I think something somewhat simple to start things off. First build will be:

1/48 Pegasus Hobbies V-2 rocket. This is a snap kit but I will be removing the snap parts and doing it with adhesive like a normal model. It will be in this scheme:


Which looks like this with color added:


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I'm in with this Dragon He219A0 in 72 scale Golden Wings Series


Will be straight out of the box, no aftermarket goodies - unless you count the Eduard Express Mask set :salute:

The kit contains etched steel aerials though.

I will be building Major Werner Streib's aircraft.

This aircraft was assigned to NJG1 at Venlo, Belgium. On 11/12 June 1943, this aircraft made its combat debut, and destroyed 5 RAF aircraft! At the end of the mission the flaps froze, it hit the runway toooo fast, and crashed, being totally written off.

The crew were very luck to escape unharmed. A photo I saw, show the severed forward fuselage on its side on the runway.

This kit is completely unstarted, and contains etched steel aerials.


I've been looking forward to building this one for some time - so thanks for getting me started :yahoo:

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I'm in with:

kit: ProModeler (Hasegawa rebox) Bf-109G4 converted to a G6

Decals: EagleCals Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6s "White 7" 4./JG 51 June 1944 Padomir, Bularia This has the very distinct "Eyeballs" on the fusalage cannon bulges.

Extras: A few odd items from the spares box- seat belts, misc.

The workbench will be cleared off this weekend and will be ready to go. If I get this done quickly enough I will probably do another kit for this build

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Plan on building the Eduard FW190D9 when it comes out later this year....so I'll post more info in December when it hits the States.


Just a little heads up for you....since you mentioned using Eduards Fw 190D9 when it's released later this year, in that if it is anything like their Fw 190F-8....I truly hate to say this....it is a piece of junk. I heard all the great news of Eduard's Fw 190's some time ago via reviews and members comments, so when it came time for the Mistel 2 build I am doing for a client of mine it seemed like the logical upgrade....pitch the Dragon Fw 190F-8 and replace with the Eduard. Don't get me wrong, the contents of the box seem impressive at first glance....markings for five (I think) different Fw 190's....paint masks for the canopy.....fully detailed engine....pre-painted photo-etch....ability to leave the wing bay open to display the cannons and weapons galore. Pretty good for a $35 kit, huh? Well....just the basic fuselage fit is flimsy, at best....the paint masks are merely partials, which means filling in with liquid masking film (no biggie) or just pitching them to cut/make your own....and, of course, those wing bay cannons that simply do not fit. Trust me...I'm no slouch and always dry/test fit before committing with glue...but the entire design of the wing halves and individual spars alone is so poor that even with the wing bay moldings cut away it was literally 3 hours to get the wing halves to fit. Stick with Tamiya on this one....sorry to burst your bubble, as I am sure I'll probably pay some hefty price for speaking so sacrilegiously about Eduard. Do they make other good kits and accessories? Of course....but in my opinion they have a long way to go when it comes to these particular kits.



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Hi Greg

I can understand your point of view, and many modellers with some experience will reasonably share it. Looks like the manufaturer is aware of the need to improve the kit design.

There is some info in the january 2009 newsletter on the Eduard site

"Fw 190D in 1/48th scale. This is the third of the anticipated successes for this year. The Dora follows the older successful releases of the A series, however, with many, many changes and improvements. There won’t be a complete engine in the Doras, but the other areas will be detailed similarly to the A series. There will be the fuselage MGs done in the A series style, and the wing weapon wells and the cannon will be improved upon. The warmly discussed wheel well is finally designed to be in both possible styles, with open or closed roof. We are going to release the D-9 in November, and the D-11/13 will follow in early 2010. "

Well, the points that you made are right. I've not yet started a build of the Eduard A series, I just have been told about the issues from German modelling friends, who got familiar with these kits now.

I must say they achieve superb results with them....just by letting out all the extras like the gun bays and the engine

They even dropped the machine gun mount between engine and cockpit, to get the cowling right in place

It looks like the D9 kit may include some improvements, which as you mention are needed

I cannot blame Eduard for their A series design, they just wanted to meet what was felt as a market requirement at that time , four years ago or so

There was this fashion buying the mega Aires resin kits, with engine, gun bays and so on, they just wanted to make it availble at an affordable price with their plastic injected kit.

This proved a little but to ambitious in terms of kit engineering

Their rescent Hellcat, shows that they made a lot of progress since, with a good balance between detail, the number of parts, and a kit design that an average modeller will be able to cope with.

I had the same remarks about the masks as yours until the day one of my German modelling chaps told me that he needed them.

He said: " look at your hands, you have the ability to play guitars and to develop modelling skills. Look at at mine, I have big fingers, I'll never be able to do do things with the precision you can. I need the masks because I can use them, I would not be able to paint free hand, or to cut small pieces of tape to shape."

From that day I understood that there are average modellers, nice chaps from whom modelling may require a certain amont of efforts and concentration, where others do tasks naturaly.

With the masks and the painted PE interiors, Eduard have made products available for them ,where they can achieve results. The guy with the big fingers is able to handle some of the painted PE, he'll never paint a resin cockpit.



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I will be building Major Werner Streib's aircraft.

This aircraft was assigned to NJG1 at Venlo, Belgium.

Little correction here, Venlo is in the Netherlands, not in Belgium. It's in the south though, but closer to Germany than to Belgium.

Have fun with the kit. I have it too in the stash and will be watching this thread closely. I might even start my own soon

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OK, I'm going to try to get these done:

1/72 Hasegawa Ju 88C-6, "C9+DE", Stab IV./NJG 5, Hauptmann Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

1/72 Revell Me 262B-1a/U1, "Red 10", 10./NJG 11, Oblt. Kurt Welter

1/72 Revell Me 262A-1a, "Red 2", 10./NJG 11, Fw. Karl-Heinz Becker

1/72 FineMolds Bf 109G-6, "Red 6", 2./JG 300, Leutnant Arnold Döring

1/72 Italeri/High Planes Model Kitbash, Bf 110G-4, 3C+LB, Stab I./NJG 4, Major Willi Herget

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Well here we go. Patrick Nevin and me are entering the Arado Ar 234 B-2/N Nachtigall nightfighter. It is the Revell box with Airwaves landing gear and Eduard PE. If things go as planned we will make two of these beauties, Patrick wanted too go for the Sonderkommando Bisping plane, I want too make the plane of Hptm Kurt Bonow. Let the fun begin.



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I enter in the games with a:

Dornier Do 217 N1 NJG/4 II Staffel France 1943 Italeri Item n° 125

Eduard Photo etched for cockpit and radar...................

08.10.2009 Opps sorry I change subjet because I don't find more the kit into the closet.....AAAARRGGHH !!! !

I'll Do a Me 109 G10 1/72 Revell

Cockpit Aires 1/72

Ettore :thumbsup:

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Hello all!! I`m in with a Hasegawa 1/32 ME163 Komet. Don`t know what the markings will be. I also have a Trumpeter ME262 and enough spares to do a 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa ME109-G6. Have to see how many i can get done.


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Hello folks,

back from the Balkans - just in Time for DotR 2 GB.

I will be in with a Heinkel He 162 RoG 1:32 , WNr 120222, 1./JG1, White 7.

No Aftermarket stuff


Image shows the AC after it was brought to Freeman Field - fate unknown.



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Hello all,

Well, even though it may in itself be a bit early to say this, I do plan on entering this group build. Among the builds - 2 fit the criteria for the build:

Airfix 1/48 Bf 109F - stock, and will be the final addition to my sons baby-room dogfight scene (hope to have this one started and finished within October - next week actually is when I'll have most time

Second, and I hope to get this one finished by end March:

Airfix 1/24 Fw-190A/F:

Updated to Fw 190 A-6/R-8 of Sturmstaffel 1 flown by Leutnant Werner Gerth, 6 March 1944 (where he downed 2 B-17's over Braunschweig, 3 minutes apart! Still trying to confirm whether this was done in White 1 or another aircraft).

Kit will feature:

-Eduard Seat Belts

-Eduard Instrument Bezels

-Jerry Rutmans Seat, LG & Wheel Wells

All else will be scratch built much like with the Stuka build.

Information on the Pilot, Werner Gerth

Quick link showing a great picture of a flight of Sturmstaffel 'Rams'

This one wont be started until after the Stuka is done, so I'm hoping that things will work out timing wise - got my work cut out for me I suppose.

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