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Ready for battle Captain

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Knew someone would notice :)

As I said in the main thread, I am glad to see the end of this :thumbsup: . It was my first Hasegawa kit and my first F-4 and I have learned a lot about both. I have another of these kits (and most of the main variants) in my stash and I will build this aircraft again. But this time without:

- trying to make my own intake trunks (find seemless suckers or use intake covers);

- leaving the DECM Antenae in place till after paint (make sure of your references first);

- glueing the sidewinder rails upside down and having to break them and redo all the work (that was dumb and now they are not as straight as the were in the first place);

- putting decals on and sealing them and finding out, some are the wrong way round, some were missed, some are in the wrong place, bee is different and stars are wrong;

- painting the canopy frame black (miss-read the instructions), then seeing that it should be grey, then paint ran and ruined clear finish (boy it is hard cleaning canopies with paint down);

- going choice, its nearly done, then watching paint run and blister (cause I used a new product instead of sticking with what works); and,

- knocking the stabilators off 2x, knocking the wheels off 3x, knocking the left flap off 3x (now they are all pinned with steel rods).

If there is anything else that I have missed please let me know so that I don't repeat the mistakes on the next one :)

Its funny (maybe better to say not funny) how things go from bad to worse when you are feeling a tad frustrated. So thanks for the kind offer, but, going back will drive me insane. This one is being consigned to my 6 year old boys room, cause he thinks that its real cool and its nearly christmas :D

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Just finished my third for this group build. A 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A VF-14A out of the box. Even kit decals.


This shot is with another Hasegawa F-14A from Enterprise CVW-8 in 2001. In fact the new one is the same airframe as the black tailed one, just the paint scheme a couple months earlier.



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Lets see some more finished models folks!

Here is my last one. The old school AMT kit with EVIL I.S.S. Enterprise markings, going off to cause havoc and general bad vibes all around.


This kit was really easy to build. Took a fair amount of putty but I like the way it turned out.


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a few more

Goffy models cockpit set


Added side fuselage steps


Paragon wing fold set


Goffy models wheel bay & weapons bay set



Scratch built ECM wingtip pods


Depicted in 1998 so it still had the MAD boom


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