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We do have sponsors. Once I now exactly what they are offering I will post the details. I won't be eligible for anything of course as the moderator. Odds are only one prize per person. If only two people complete their models (that would suck) then they split EVERYTHING! (that would not suck for those two). But I figure we will have a suitable amount of entrants.

Thanks to the sponsors:

Two Bobs 3 sheets

Fightertown 2 sheets .

Starfighter decals gave discounts on Enterprise related topics

RB Productions Giving a 20 euro ($) credit to one person, thats a nice prize!!!!!

Tony H Mystery prize THANKS AGAIN TONY!!!!!!!

phantom Polar lights TV style 1/1000 NCC-1701 USS Enterprise

If anyone else would like to add something to the list, please do. Does not HAVE to be Enterprise related.

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Well we now have a great 20 people and we are only a month in. Still have yet to hear what TwoBobs and Fightertown are offering. Odds are most will finish and hopefully we get enough sponsor stuff for near everyone to get something.

But even if you don't win something its good to get that model stash cleaned out a bit. I have been waiting to build my carrier for years!!!

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We'll throw in any 2 sheets.


Beautiful, Thanks Brian......Oh, the latest 2 sheets I ordered showed up today. Really looking forward to build that E-2 in DS markings. :P

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