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In the spirit of things

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The Mighty Magnificent Klingon Empire will be making an appearance since all these scummy Federation targets are showing up!

Just because the mood struck, I put my 1/32 Phantom on the back burner, and pulled out a 1979 Boxing of the Klingon Cruiser ( with the original Lesney logo) and began construction. I am doing some minor tweaking, the kit is amazingly well detailed for the time period.

I also have eyeballed the colors on the hull from screen stops on my DVD player, and it appears that the model makers used German WWII colors for the markings/hull color.

So all you Enterprise types look out, when it's done, I will post a shot or two! (or is that TAKE a shot or two???)

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One of the few benefits to being unemployed is the fact that I have plenty of time to model. Since the AMT Enterprise and the AMT/Lesney Klingon are the same size, I started putting the Enterprise together today while the base coat on the K'tinga is drying.

Should be nice.

I am not trying to perfectly accurize the AMT Enterprise, I have the Polar Lights kit for that. I am just building it for fun, and enjoying the build.

I'll post pics eventually....

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I have it built, with only 20 parts, not a major accomplishment. I just ordered replacement decals from the starship modeler store, the kit ones are highly suspect.

I intend to get the seams all puttyed up, then start the painting process.

The klingon bird has the base coats on it, now I just need to weather it.

I have two midterms, two presentations and several papers due in the next couple of weeks, so progress may be a bit slower.

I will bug my wife to help me get some photos up.

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Doing major work on the main saucer seams. The fit is horrible, whoever thought up all the window panels should be hung. The add zero to the build experience, and the gaps are just plain hideous. I have been sanding them flush, and removing the lines scribed around the saucer. I will be replacing them with some delicate grey pinstriping.

I am in the middle of midterms in my masters program, so that has priority, hopefully in the next week or so I will get some quality modeling time in.

As to the klingon bird, I just have to paint and weather the bottom area, add in the decal work, and she will be done. I already have her sitting in the din, watching over me as I study. Very menacing!

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