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I guess I'll start a build thread even though I don't have any in-progress to show yet.

I'll be attempting the very large NX-01 kit from Polar Lights:


I will be lighting the model with a pre-wired lighting kit made for this model. It includes blinking nav lights and spinning lights for the collectors on the nacelles. I have the Aztec masks to assist with the tricky paint scheme. I've never built a kit this large or used lighting before so I expect a fair amount of stumbling around, cursing and mistakes. In other words, just like every other model I've ever built. :worship: Should be fun!

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So here is the start of the NX01 build....

For starters, this is a big kit. Very big. I'm already thinking about how I'll tackle the painting when the time comes, as the table I use for painting is not all that large. I have no idea how I'll be able to turn this thing as I paint! Guess I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

Next real issue is the masking and painting order. The instructions recommend painting in sub-sections rather than attempting to mask all those little windows. This makes sense, but I just can't imagine gluing assemblies this large together after they've been painted without messing it up. I have an idea percolating to work around that.... Stay tuned.

I've begun by preparing the inside of the primary hull for lighting. The plastic is pretty thick but it will still bleed light through if something isn't done to prevent it. This has been done in two stages:

Here's the upper half of the saucer 'blacked out'. I just hit the main areas with Testors flat black from the rattle can. Doesn't need to be pretty after all. Doesn't even need to be completely covered!


To complete the light blocking and increase the brightness, I used foil tape. Here again the entire surface doesn't need to be covered since the black paint is sufficient by itself. Just need to increase the reflectivity so the lighting will be brighter when everything is closed up.


Then I started on some of the clear parts. The bussard collectors on the warp nacelles got sprayed with Tamiya clear red, and the inner parts got clear orange. There are several holes in these inner parts which will allow unfiltered white light through, so my hope is that the combination will create a bit of a multi-colored effect when lit from behind. Sounds good in my head at least.....

Spraying Tamiya clear colors is very different than using their regular paints! It's very... syrupy. Kinda like trying to spray soda or Schnapps or something. The airbrush needed a good cleaning when this was done! The red bits still need another coat or two as well.


That's where I'm at thus far.

Thanks for looking!

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Thats a lot of tape. I was thinking of just silver paint when I get to mine.

It's probably overkill on my part, but having followed a build or two of the Refit Enterprise on other forums I decided to go this route.

I'm trying to source a power supply for the lighting kit at the moment. Once that's done then the fun can really begin!

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