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Trumpeter Bf 109 E-3 test shots om IPMS Philipines

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Looks nice :blink:

It is more accurate that the Eduard kit?

José César

Still a unknown factor. Right off the bat the landing gear covers look wrong, and if the wheel wells are molded to match than that's going to be a problem.

It's also hard to tell from the photo but the instrument panel looks odd, it should have a step and the picture looks like the flat panel the later F/G's had....it could be the photo and the clear plastic.

Tires suck but so do the ones in the Eduard kit.

When someone other than IPMS Phillipinese gets their hands on one we'll know for sure....

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.............and once again....Trumpeter flubs. I'm sure they'll be charging in excess of $100 for this kit too.


I see a few good things - and quite a few bad things..

It will be interesting to see built up. Perhaps it's not so bad? Until I can see it though, no way I'm ordering it.

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I'm not all that unhappy with the Eduard 109, which can be had for $50-ish if you shop around. Yes it does need new wheels but it appears the Trumpy one will too. Considering Eduard has the color PE, canopy mask and a beautiful decal sheet it may be the clear winner here unless the Trump 109 really outshines it.

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Crazy Don, If they did it right, Priller's E-3 is a pretty bird. I dd it in 1/48th. Hope Trumpete got the canopy right. Hal Sr

I remember that, you did a nice on it too.

I'm taking a wait and see approach before I get 1 and it it has major problems I'll pass and beat the Eduard kit I have into submission

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