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Hello everyone,

I'm John and I enjoy building models and I recently joined this site to check out your projects and eventually share photos of mine with you. But in the mean time I do need some help here. I'm soon to be completing a 1/72 KC-135E model from an AMT 1/72 EC-135C kit and i'm currently applying Tiger Meets markings with NJ ANG markings on it and I just lost one decal marking, the one to put on the left of the tail fin (ANG) in USAF font. So far i've never experienced with printing out my own decals before and i'm looking at purchasing decal sheets using my inkjet printer. Was wondering if there's a way to print out that "ANG" decal in USAF font and proper formatting and font size for a 1/72 KC-135.

Thanks in advance,


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You may want to try posting a message in the "Parts Box" section of the Marketplace at the bottom of the ARC Forum homepage. You can request if anyone has an extra decal. If it is only one that you need, there may be a member that has an extra. One of the great things about this forum, is the sense of community, and willingness to help a fellow modeler out. Good luck.


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Excellent!! I was actually opting on getting myself Testors Decal Printing System which I know they're also available through amazon.com to start experiencing with printing out my own good quality decals for my upcoming projects. But in the mean time if someone actually does have a spare "ANG" decal in USAF font for a 1/72 KC-135, that would be great. Or even if someone knows if someone or any place sells extra decals with USAF letters of all different font sizes, that would be great too.


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