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Noooo! I wanted to build this helo first! :thumbsup:

Just kidding: I'm planning to build OE-BXA or OE-BXB, the ones with FLIR and "Night Sun" ... maybe with a team of six "Cobra" ready to rapple down.

You're off to a good start with the details you already added.

I'll be following this one with much interest!

Which kit are you using?

Judging by the colored plastic of the fuselage I'd say Revell's 1/35 "Luftrettung" kit.

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WOW nice start, really like that colour scheme I didn´t have seen it before. Do you know if the revell ec 135 air zermatt is usefull for building the austrian police version, I don´t like too much the air zermatt one. If it is usefull, do you sell those decals? how can I get one? and do you know if there is a walkaround page for the austrian version (interior and exterior)??

Thanks a lot, I will follow this build!!!!


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Hello Gato!!

The Air Zermatt Box has everything what you need to build the Austrian Version!!

about the Decals yes i sell this.If you are interrested send me a privat message!

i have detailpictures on Cd if you like...

Now happy modelling...

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You keep proceeding very well.

Dear Avus!

I have done a decalsheet also for this Heli,tell me if you need!!

Thanks, but I bought the previous version of your sheet, the one without the extra letters, when I was in Vienna last month.

So the only thing I'd need is an "A" or a "B" to complete the "OE-BX" serial.

But I read you also have a picture CD of the EC-135. Does it have interior pictures, too?

I'd need ones with the "Law-enforcement" load out.

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Nice progress thus far. I like the addition of the control panel from the 145. I will have to compare it to the one that in the EC-135 P2 model that I fly in at work. I am gathering reference materials, photographs, kits and parts for a build of that aircraft soon. Following Anthony's lead, I may build two of them at the same time. Our sister ship is identical, with the exception of a WSPS kit, and tail number. Does the Luftrettung kit have the updated fenestron tail rotor sprue that was included in the Polis kit? Thanks.


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Dear Hooknladderno1!

The Luftrettungs kit has not the new Fenestron rotor sprue part from the Polis!!

This part looks much better as the original but it is also not correct!!U have to do the 4-1-4-1 location of the plates.


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