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hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg Germany

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That museum is really great ;-)

Pics taken 2006.

Rotorhead of a coaxial Huey


"Dornier Kiebitz"


The lower floor:


Mojave/CH-37 gear


And a lot of interesting history stuff


And from my visit 2004.

BO-102 Pilot trainer (upper floor)


BO-105 prototype and BO-108 (= EC-135 prototype) (upper floor)


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Hello .Medevac

I always like your photos and this are NO EXCEPTION...

Some NICE shots ...Looks like a museum one should visit at least once in their lifetime... :thumbsup:

Thanx for posting these..I particularly like the Rotorhead of a coaxial Huey...

HOLMES :wave:

Edit: thought I spelt name wrong ! Doh!!

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I love looking at pics of coaxial Huey rotorheads........wait.....what!?!?!? Coaxial rotored Huey? Google will be started up very very soon......... Not familiar with that one at all. Rotorwash needs to pop in here to edumacate me. Yes, edumacate.

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