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Hey guys, I'm getting close to the point where I am starting to think about painting the hull....the instructions list a very ambigious "Hull Color" for the hull and island....any idea what shade of Hull Color I should use? I was thinking maybe Light Ghost Hull Color or maybe Gunship Hull Color?

OK...but seriously....does anyone know what color I should be using?

I have seen that carrier model at Hobby Lobby before. The tamiya Enterprise is like $100 more. Is it really pretty close to the Tamiya one?

And to add what Ricther said, this kit represents the Big E prior to it's first refitting whereas the Tamiya kit is closer to current config. The biggest difference is the island. Phantom's pic is from the Tamiya E and it is more or less current day. My island has the big beehive on top from the 60's-70's.

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This is where I stand currently.....


Here is a close up shot of the island. Lots of nasty little gaps to fill that should be pretty darned fun (not!)


And then some of the fun stuff on the sides..."sponsons" I think they call em!


Any suggestions on how I should go about doing the rigging on the mast? It's not much, but there is some....I have no clue!

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Rigging on the mast. Stretched sprue. thats what I used. See photo above. Boy, the pre 70's look is SO different from the 2001 I went with. Great job! :unsure:

Paul check your references there should be a LOT more antennae on that dome I think.....

Here is one shot....


I don't know how many there are, but if you have any casting experience you should be able to make a master for each size and then just duplicate them......

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