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Grumman Goose USN interiors

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Hello, everyone...

I have the 1/48 Signifer JRF-5 Grumman Goose and need to know the colors of the interior to get started.

The instructions call for 'Light Fawn' but that doesn't strike me as a color that the US Navy would use in the

interior of a Navy aircaft. Any help here appreciated.

Also, are there any out-of-the-bottle acrylics for the blue/blue/white tri-color scheme? And, of course, there's

one more question...the exhausts on top of the engines (I think that's what they are)...are they some kind of

rust color, or are they a reddish color? They show kind of a weathered 'copper' or 'rust' to me.

Thanks again...I want to get started on this soon...


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The interior colors of the areas aft of the cockpit would have been painted with an off-white or cream color, as many of the Goose were used as transport aircraft.

The exhaust colors would be a dirty brown or dirty rust color on the exterior of the exhaust pipe.

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