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Just finished, but late

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Here's my carrier that I just finished. I've wanted to build this model for so long and finally decided to just do it. I just missed the GB but know everyone would like to see my version on the Enterprise. I have some other photos posted in a couple of other threads to check out. I used GMM photoetched set and WEM photoetch set. I scratchbuilt a generic hanger so the hull would not look empty but added no detail as this was not the focal point of the model. The ship took 5 months to build and I am currently working on the airwing. I'll post some pics when I get the airwing on board.

GMM photo etch set really improves the model. I really like how the elevator set adds to the flight deck. Carrierbuilders.net was a big help with all the submissions that everyone has posted there and provided a lot of inspiration. My Detail in Scale Enterprise book is probably the best reference book for this project and now worn out. I could've spent more time detailing the model but that was not my goal. I, like many of you, have a closet full of models that I look forward to building in the next 10-20 years, at the rate I'm building, and I just didn't want to spend 2-3 years building and correcting Tamiya Enterprise for more accuracy. I'm very pleased with the results and now trying to figure out WHERE to put it. I am going to enjoy seeing everyone elses work when it gets posted.



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