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1/35 Academy M113A2 converted to Aussie M113A1

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Hi guys I'm not interested in any prizes in this GB but over the past two or so months I have been building this kit not realising that this is an anything 'Operation'-al GB so thought I'd add this in to the GB. The build itself is now complete, I just need to do a little more to the base. It is the Academy 1/35 M113A2 kit (1354) converted back to M113A1 specs of the Royal Australian Armour Corp's B Sqn, 1st Armoured Regiment-Operation Overland-Vietnam 1969. The vehicle commander in charge of this APC was Staff Sergeant Allan John ‘Pokey’ Coughlin hence the 'Pokeys Pirates'. The Aussie figures, accessories and dry transfers were either from Firestorm Hobbies here in Oz, friends and from the kit. I have displayed the vehicle at rest with everything open and everyone cooling down with a smoke and bottle of Coke or water. I hope you like it.


Andrew :thumbsup:








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Nice build

BTW it qualifies for this gb

Operation Group Build " is a group build that is open to all Nations and all types of A/C,Ships,Armor that have participaited in a known Documented "Operation"....

I really love the dioporama it looks so real



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Thanks Thomas for the comments. The two figures you talk about are from Firestorm (Sydney company) and the GI and digger (sitting at the back with the floppy hat) are from the kit. Those are converted to suit the scene. The driver and commander (Pokey) are resin moulded and come in two pieces).


Andrew :pray:

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Hi Chloe,

The Commander (Pokey) and the driver are from a company in Australia called Firestorm Models. They deal in lots of different figures and conversions for various armour pieces. The cigarettes were scratch made from jewellers wire and painted. The GI and jungle hatted digger were from the kit and modified from the kit parts. The only inclusion to the Firestorm figures were the goggles added from the kit to the driver's helmet as I broke the resin ones.


Andrew :sunrevolves:

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