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Having just moved house, and finishing the last of my university work for this year, I have managed to get the smell of paint and glue back into my nostrils again. Thought I would pick up a project I started early this year and try and finish it off - the Roden 1/48 SE5a. The previous build thread is here. Here are some pics to remind me what I did....



I finally settled on some markings. I decided to paint her in the markings of 2/Lt. G C Logan of A flight, 2 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. This aircraft was bought on charge with 2AFC on 5 January 1918 and lost 21 February 1918 when "Lt. Logan in B/619 left Aero. at 11.35 a.m. on Patrol and was last seen going towards the line. Pilot and machine missing. Struck off." The aircraft was downed by anti-aircraft fire, though Logan made a landing, nosed the aircraft over, and was made a POW. Here she is with some paint and decals on (still looking a little shiny from the gloss coat).



Markings are a mixture of paint, roden decals and pegasus serials, which were a PAIN to put on because they were so fragile, plus they are not that crisp (please, please, PLEASE someone do a GOOD set of serial number decals for RFC aircraft.... please!!!)

Next is flat coat, then the top wing can go on.

Feedback always welcomed.


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