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O.K.,I got the GB bug and may as well join this one as well if that's fine.

I'll do Platz's 1/144 F-8 OOB

Marking's...not sure yet, but it will be a Mig Killer from THIS microscale decal sheet.

Aftermarket, well aside from the afore mentioned decals maybe a pilot?

Seeing as there are two in a kit, I may do both, but one will show up for sure.


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I know that this groupbuild is finished few days ago, but unfortunately I'm late with work on my A-7D due to another project that was urgent, so I'm unsure whether I can continue posting photos of work on this model in this subforum, or I should start new topic in "In-progress pics"?

I would like to continue posting photos of progress here as I would like to hear your opinions on my work in the end :wub:

Thanx for replies regarding to this "issue"


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I'd recommend starting a new topic in the "In-progress" section. At some point admin will move this GB to the completed area and I doubt many people check there regularly.

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