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So I decided to set the corsair back on the shelf for a while, but as of now I'm starting another build- the old mold of the Hasegawa F-14A. It's not a bad kit- although it's got raised panel lines and a basic cockpit. I've built a few of them before though, and it's pretty simple to build so I've decided it'll be my "stress relief" build and I want to get it finished by next weekend or so.

Decals are from Almark (Same sheet as the Corsair), and I'm adding the "A" model parts from a new mold Hase "D" cat to spruce the pit up just a little. I scrounged up two instrument panels and two GRU-7 seats from one kit that didn't use them.



I haven't really done much, but I hope to get a fair amount done tonight! Expect updates.

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Hi everyone, after a couple weeks away I'm back! And here's the updates...99% done. Just missing a couple decals, some paint touchups and the fiddly bits.

Also, I didn't end up using the Hasegawa seats- these are now the Fujimi seats- the Hasegawa ones were considerably larger and didn't fit.




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