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Panel line wash

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Hey all,

Once upon a time, someone gave me a recipe for a panel line wash using Citadel Paints "Black Ink" mixed with water and a tiny bit of soap.

I tried it this afternoon and it failed quite spectacularly.

Has anyone ever used this stuff before, and if so....how?

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I use it now and again. Mostly when working with their acrylic paints when working with figures. Occasionally for very specific pin washing and sometimes on Alu landing gear.

I'm not sure I would ever want to try and use it as an all over wash.



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Hi there,

I don't use Citadel ink, but I do use the citadel base colors such as black... here's my painting process that's worked for years to this day:

I airbrushed on the base color(s) (I used Gunze Sangyo Acrylics - Acqueous Hobby Color)...

* I put in about 5% Tamiya Acrylic Paint Thinner to each batch of Gunze Acrylics I airbrush on.

I airbrush on clear gloss (again Gunze Acrylic) - not too heavy because I don't want to seal too many of the panel lines with too much paint;

I use Citadel acrylics and mix my own panel wash (approx 80% water 18% black Citadel paint and 2% dishwashing detergent - I kinda eye this bit and add more paint if the panel lines are not coming up as vividly as I like)...

* I don't apply the wash too liberally in fact I try to get it in the panel lines as much as possible... let dry for 2-10 minutes then I rub of excess with paper towel (Citadel paints dry very quickly)... apply a bit of moisture to stubborn spots on the paper towel... you may need to re-apply wash if you rub it out of panel lines. The clear gloss coat ensures that the excess panel wash comes off quite nicely;

Apply another thin coat of clear gloss to seal panel lines in preparation for decaling;

Apply decals with Micro Set and Micro Sol;

Apply matt coat (Gunze acrylics again)... actually I applied 3-4 coats.

... so that said I've never had any issues... here is some of my work:

This one is in the Oct or Nov issue of FSM:



This one will be in the Feb issue of FSM:



Here's the ARC write up on it: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8...czynski/00.shtm

Here's an F-15E



So again it's worked for me for years... not quite sure why it's not working for you... I've even applied it extremely liberally on a gloss surface and it works wonderfully... just wipe it off within a few minutes of it being dry...

Can you tell us what paint, gloss you used...? Perhaps that's the trouble. There could have been a reaction between the ink and the paint.

My advice is use the regular Citadel paint in the same process on a spare test piece and see how it goes...


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There you go Paul. Greg is the guy that gave the "recipe" to me, so it's the same one I would've given you. Should work out just fine for you.


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Nope....don't think my problem has to do with the application surface....but the mix I was using. I need to switch from the black ink to citadel black....the ink is already too watery.

I was finding that even after 15 minutes, it just left a black watery mess.

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Citadel ink works very well for panel lines. I use them as my standard panel line treatment. Use the Citadel ink (or other inks for that matter) to tint Future. Apply the tinted Future to the panel lines. The ink-tinted Future gives a much more subdued look to the panel line than other washes and is easy to apply. It's also easy to remove or correct mistakes.

Ink-tinted Future is also useful for panel shading, detail washes, and tinting canopies.

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