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Mr. Song.

When can we expect this Cat on the markted? The second question is witch Cat will it be? Because the French and the British Cat has a different nose section.

Thanks for the great plane's in 1/32 scale.


The Netherlands

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Man, I build quarter scale but have love long time for this!

I'm with you, Mark. I have a few select 1/32nd subjects, but 1/48th is my primary forte - (happy median of cost/size/space requirements, ability to see/hold parts...thanks to presbyopia and carpal-tunnel syndrome). However, this new 1/32nd scale Jag is a BEAUT.

Man, wouldn't it be spectacular in that colorful Jaguar Farewell scheme?


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3. unnecessary extra detail - it looks too late for that. I personally like to build with panels and engines closed which I've heard the same from many modelers here.

First of all, this looks fantastic. High on my 'to buy list whenever it comes out. But I do have to agree with the above. Please provide some sort of 'closed door' option. I recently finished the Trumpeter 1:32 Tomcat and couldn't understand why there wasn't a version of the port side nose that didn't have all the panels closed yet there were two fully detailed engines that would impossible to see once installed? To make matters worse, the parts for the doors didn't fit when you wanted to close them up so there were lots of gaps. Please don't waste time and effort on details like engines that nobody will ever see.

And while I realize that Mr Song is not the right person to send this too, he is the only one from Trumpeter that I've ever seen post so I'll make two additional comments.

1. Please add some Canadian Content to your line. CF-100's, CT-114's, CF-105, a Proper F-86 MK6, etc..

2. Completely unrelated but your kit, TR05759 (1/700 Tribal Class destroyer) has the wrong name on the box and instructions. The ship is HMCS Huron.

Anyway... defintately looking forward to seeing this when it's out.


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A: Mr Song doesn't visit ARC (or any other forums probably), anymore.

B: Mr Song doesn't work in Trumpeter models anymore.

C: Don't get your hopes up regarding details. Resin prototype =/= real kit.

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Song is now working at Kitty hawk who recently released a 1/48 Jag.

NDA? Apparently they don't just steal from other countries, but also from each other.

LMAO. Correct!!!! :thumbsup:

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Actually I have always found Mr Song to be above reproach, several modellers / designers left a few years back. People change jobs all the time and you do him a miservice to say they were "stolen".

A lot of people on the forums put time in to help Trumpeter get them right, it was a refreshing turn of affairs when such a Company approached the modelling community as a whole to enlist their help to produce a highly accurate kit. I see a smaller version released from another company who have some of Trumpeters ex staff as deliberatly targetting a different market where there was a lack of a good current version and avoiding conflict, far from the tones at the end of this thread.

Sadly one does no know the status of the Jaguar and Buccaneer, but one hopes after the recession they see the light of day.

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